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Alisa J. 3/16/2015

Oakland CA

I am writing this review although I was unable to utilize Christian's services due to scheduling conflicts, but he was very helpful and informative.  He offered his expertise and thoroughly explained what was needed for my home.  He was patient and forthcoming.  His schedule was flexible and had it matched with mine, I would have used his services.

Michael F. - 2/20/2015

Albany CA

Christian was awesome.  I received 3 quotes on replacing a 1930 Atlas furnace.  Christian's quotes was the lowest but that was not the only reason we chose him.  His was the only quote that was all-inclusive, running a new electrical line, pulling the permit as well as installation and removal.  He showed up with his crew on time (actually 5 minutes early). and worked all day to remove the old behemoth and install the furnace.  The job was great.  It required one minor tweak Christian came out right away and made the adjustment.  They cleaned everything up and were very pleasant.
His work was so efficient that the HERS inspector thought he installed new duct work.  If so, it barely failed. However when the inspector learned it was existing duct work it passed with flying colors (there are two levels- new duct work can be no more than 6% leakage whereas existing duct work the threshold is 15%, Christian came in at 7% which truly impressed the inspector).  You cannot go wrong with this team.  On time, clean and efficient work. Bravo, Christian and crew.

Juliana V - 12/31/2014

Berkeley, CA

Christian was great! It's almost impossible to get someone to come out same day, especially when that day is the last of the year (12/31). I must have called 8 places, and scheduled an appt. online for Triton to come out 1/2. But, within 15 minutes of my having scheduled the online appt., Christian called me and said he could come right out. Plus, the charge for the visit, new thermostat, and labor was really affordable!  Really nice guy, too. Yay! I will definitely be considering Triton to put in my new central heating so we're not as freezing next year!

Eddie W - 12/29/2014

Oakland, CA

X-mas time is apparently the busiest time of the year for heating repairs. I couldn't get return phone calls from many providers. However, the Triton Group has a neat reservation system via e-mail and Christian showed up on time as scheduled. He quickly noted the problem with a disconnected heating duct, went out to get the right elbow joint, and got it working.  He also made small improvements on the main duct and showed how to use the damper to regulate the air flow.  Christian takes pride in his work and takes the time to explain how things work with the furnace. Triton is now the only company I'll use for heating repairs. Chrisitian is the reason I'm going with Triton.

Bonnie J - 12/15/2014

Oakland, CA

Christian was awesome!!!!  I found the Yelp reviews on line after seeing that he had such great reviews, I went on line and booked an appointment.  His first availability was on 12/22/14 and I didn't really want to wait this long, but I figure, what the heck!  Well, I made the appointment on Saturday, he called back on Sunday and then he came to take a look at my heater on Monday.

He arrived promptly and he took the time to check and show me the issues.  Apparently, I never changed my filter... because well, I'm a first time home owner and don't know the first thing about how things work.  Christian took the time to explain things to me in detail and he found that there was nothing really wrong other than that!  I was thrilled!  

I found him to be honest and knows his trade. I have a lot of respect for those businesses that don't try to fast talk and scam some work out of you.

I highly recommend Triton

Steve S - 11/05/2014

Oakland, CA

My heating and AC unit never worked properly and I had several people look at it.
Christian quickly realized the problem - a lack of cold air returns and too small ductwork.  After two days of Christian and his crew re-doing the ductwork, my system is finally working like it should.  I could not be more pleased with the work.

Steve S  Oakland

James M - 10/03/2014

Orinda, CA

The service was excellent. Christian installed a new heating and air conditioning system in our house. He was very professional through the whole process. The job started on time and finished quickly. The crew did a great job installing everything and didn't leave a mess. Christian personally made sure that we passed the efficiency inspection. The price was competitive. Really can't say enough good things about this company.

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